Press Release: JDA to Look at O’Hare Noise

JDA to Look “Collaboratively” at Noise Reduction Solutions for O’Hare Airport

The Suburban O’Hare Commission (SOC) has hired aviation experts, JDA Aviation Technology Solutions (JDA) of Bethesda, Maryland and LGN Aviation, of Washington DC and Minneapolis in a coordinated effort to move forward with the FAA and the City of Chicago to reduce noise impacts on the communities surrounding O’Hare.

“Our objective is simple” said Joe Del Balzo, JDA President. “We want to work collaboratively with FAA, the City of Chicago Aviation Authority and major users of the airport to seek potential noise reduction strategies that are practical to implement, have no significant impact on operational efficiency and most importantly have no effect on safety. We believe there may be technical solutions which maintain the safety and capacity at O’Hare, but also will reduce the impact of aircraft noise on its neighbors.”

He said “To meet this objective requires that everything we do be transparent with the FAA and the City of Chicago, working closely together to identify noise mitigation solutions that are supported with data.”

“The SOC is intent on developing a reasonable basis from which to propose rational, data based solutions to the FAA and Chicago and has encouraged JDA to seek collaboration with the FAA and the City of Chicago in developing strategies to reduce noise”, said Craig Johnson, Mayor of Elk Grove Village.

“We believe the opportunity exists to reduce noise levels while protecting safety, capacity and efficiency with solutions that are win, win, win for the airport, FAA and the neighboring communities” said Del Balzo. “The ultimate goal is neighbors working with neighbors to find and create the optimum environment for everyone.”

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